Handy Health Tips

Handy Health Tips
for our Canine and Feline friends!

Lakeshore Animal Clinic Open House

Dr Crawford demonstrates a “Stuffed Animal C-Section” to a Youth Audience at the Lakeshore Animal Clinic Open House! All the attendees received Caps, Gloves & a stuffed animal “Baby”!

Heartworm Prevention

Flea Prevention

Schedule Regular Veterinary Check-ups

Dental Health

Separation Anxiety

Spay / Neuter

Don’t Skimp on Nutrition!

Food Allergies

Harmful or potentially Deadly for Dogs and Cats

*Trick or Treat*

Zoonotic Diseases

Provide Regular Grooming

Summer Planning

Winter Planning

Please call with any questions.
We are happy to help you!


Lakeshore Animal Clinic - Veterinarian, Boarding & Grooming - Lake Dallas, TX

Lakeshore Animal Clinic – Boarding & Grooming
940-497-PETS (7387)

Fax 940-497-7390
5004 S. Stemmons Freeway / P.O. Box 1316
Lake Dallas, Texas  75065

Management Services Provided By Lakeshore Animal Clinic, Inc.

Happy to serve the Lake Cities, Texas area
including Lake Dallas, Hickory Creek, Corinth,
Shady Shores, Denton, Lewisville and
anyone else that wants to make the drive!

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