Don’t Skimp on Nutrition!

Always feed your pet a high quality pet food and treats. Don’t be fooled by fancy packaging in grocery stores. Hill’s Science Diet is what we recommend. It is formulated by veterinarians specifically for your pets age and health condition whether it be for a puppy, adult, senior, allergies, kidney disease, arthritis or skin and coat conditions.

Ask our staff about what pet food or treat is better for your pet and how to compare it to the food you are currently buying. With high quality pet food you can actually feed less and have a more satisfied and healthy pet.

Table scraps are not recommended, so please resist the temptation. Although your pet may love the taste, table scraps can actually cause a very painful and possibly deadly disease called pancreatitis! It is always better for your pet to only eat their specific high quality pet food and treats. Anything else can cost you more and negatively affect your pets health in the long run.


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