Heartworm Prevention

Your pet needs to be on Heartworm Preventative all year round.

Heartworms are transmitted to pets through mosquitoes.  Texas has the opportunity for mosquitos to breed all year long.  If you think your pet doesn’t need it because it’s an indoor pet…your wrong!

How many times have you seen a mosquito in your home or inside at work? Also, your pet has to go outside for at least a matter of minutes to potty and that is all it takes for a mosquito to infect your pet.

Heartworm testing and preventative is very inexpensive compared to the costly treatment required once your pet has heartworms.  If your pet is infected with heartworms, the treatment can be very hard on your pet, and your family, as you try to confine your pet to a cage life for several months.

We recommend a product called Sentinel which is given for the prevention of heartworms, intestinal parasites (worms), and a great flea control.  It is an all-in-one product that is a chewable tablet given once a month.


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