Provide Regular Grooming

When bathing your pet use a high quality shampoo and conditioner made specifically for your pet. Please do not use human shampoo, it’s too strong for them and it will dry out their skin! Also, bathing too often can strip natural oils from your pets skin and set them up for irritation and dry skin problems, so no more than once a week unless the doctor prescribes it.

Daily brushing is also a good idea. This will decrease tangles, matts, dirt and debris while distributing natural skin oils. Just make sure your pet is completely dry before you start. We recommend the Furminator for our thicker coated canine and feline friends. The Furminator is a De-Shedding Tool that will really do the job!

Don’t forget about your pets nails. Make sure you or your veterinarian trim your dog’s nails often, once a month or every other month is recommended. Long nails can catch on upholstery or carpet and break off causing pain to your pet.  Long nails can lead to arthritis in their toes if not properly maintained.

Watch for your dog scooting their bottom on the ground. This can be a sure sign of full anal glands. If your pet is scooting, see your veterinarian to have the glands expressed. If left untreated, anal glands can rupture and require a much more costly treatment. Another indication of scooting could be worms which also should be treated by your veterinarian immediately.


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