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Pets age 7 times faster than people and bigger pets age faster than smaller pets. Most dogs and cats are fully grown by age 2 and many pets are considered senior citizens by age 8!

Bringing your pet to the vet once a year is like a person seeing a doctor just once every 7 years. Twice a year wellness exams are recommended (Equivalent to 3.5 years for a person). You can help detect, treat and prevent health problems for your pet.

Everyone is accustomed to annual vaccinations but for the ideal care of your pet, you should have other services included on an annual basis. Recommendations for annual services for your pet (similar to a person getting a physical).

–    Vaccinations
–    Physical Exam
–    Fecal (check for intestinal parasites, including the ones that can be contagious to you!)
–    Heartworm Test
–    Bloodwork (CBC, Chemistry, Urinalysis) suited for your pets age
–    Dental Exam preferably with x-rays
–    Abdominal X-Rays


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